mustikka cupcake ja kaurahiutaleita

Blueberry cupcakes

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Blueberry is a very healthy and delicious berry.   Here is for you a blueberry cupcake recipe that is easy to do.     Ingredients:   13.5 fl oz (1 2/3 cup/ 400 ml) flour   3.5 fl oz (1/2 […]

nyhtöpossu voileipä

Pulled pork sandwich

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Here you have a delicious pulled pork burger recipe. It´s very easy to make. The meat will cook in the oven at the same time as you make other preparations for dining.   Ingredients:   1 pound (1 package) Pulled […]

vadelma-kaura smoothie

Raspberry oats smoothie

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Smoothies are excellent because you can make them quick and easy for breakfast or snack. They are also healthy and taste delicious. This smoothie has unflavoured yogurt, oat flakes, and raspberries, etc. healthy.   Raspberry oats smoothie   1 banana […]

mango smoothie

Mango smoothie

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Ingredients:   8.5 fl oz (1 cup/ 250 ml) unflavoured yoghurt   8.5 fl oz (1 cup/ 250 ml) Tropical fruit juice   1 banana   5.2 oz (150 grams) of frozen pieces of mango   1 teaspoon of lemon […]


Goat cheese omelet

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Here’s an easy way to make an omelet. Put the ingredients in the casseroles and fry in the oven for 15 minutes.   Ingredients:   3 servings   4 eggs   1 – 2 cooked potatoes   1/4 onion   […]


Chocolate mousse

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Do for the dessert easy and delicious chocolate mousse, which many of us likes.     Ingredients:   8.5 fl oz (1 cup/ 250 ml) whipping cream   5 oz (150 grams) dark chocolate   3 egg whites   1 […]